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A conveyor gearbox, or reducer, is the main part of a conveyor system used to pull the belts, chains or rollers that convey materials from point A to B. Belt conveyors are usually powered by in-line helical, bevel-helical or worm gearboxes. Shaft mounted gearboxes are best for heavy-duty loads. Chain conveyors use two or more parallel shafts or bevel-helical gearboxes that work together to move the chains. Roller conveyors need more compact gearboxes that can produce a lot of torque, like in-line helical gear reducers and parallel shafts.


Replacement Parts

Depending on the speed and load requirements of your conveyor system, different types of conveyor bearings, such as precision, semi-precision or non-precision bearings, are appropriate. Conveyor bearings also come in various lubrication options, and are chosen based on the temperature conditions of the environment and materials you convey. The right bearings will perform well for several years. We offer ball bearings, taper roller, spherical, stainless steel, composite, housings and pillow block flange bearings (two bolt and four bolt).


Replacement Parts

Motors work in tandem with gearboxes. They come in various configurations, so you can find the right solution for any drive problem. If you’re looking for a high-quality motors that provides maximum efficiency and versatility, we can help you choose the best motor for the job. From fractional horsepower through 500 horsepower and above, we offer conveyor motors that meet the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards as well as metric specifications for equipment that comes from overseas.


Conveyor Belting

The life of a conveyor belt depends on many variables, such as the materials begin conveyed and the environment in which the conveyor system is working. Because of all the different applications conveyor belts are used for, there are also many different styles of belts. We offer a full line of drive belts, including V belts, timing belts, rubber and urethane, as well as conveyor belting, like rubber, PVC, urethane, steel and modular. If you’re not sure which type of belt you need, we can help you select the right one for your conveying needs.


Chains and Sprockets

Whether you need a conveyor chain, bucket elevator chain or another type of industrial chain, we provide a variety of conveying solutions. From general use to heavy duty, we have chain options in different sizes and materials. Some of our most common requests include riveted conveyor chains, cottered roller chains, plastic chains, and pencil chains, regular roller chains, agricultural chains and engineered chains. We also sell compatible sprockets for your chains, including hardened sprockets in a small or large pitch.

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Conveyor Systems

Additional MRO replacement parts we offer include conveyor rollers, pully (lagged, winged, magnetic), idlers, urethane sheet, metal backed urethane sheet, skirt board rubber, variable speed drive (VFD), belt fasteners and lacing, belt cleaners and wipers, and conveyor belt idlers.

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