Belt Conveyor Systems

What Are Belt Conveyors?

Belt conveyor systems are motorized, electronic machines that move materials quickly and efficiently between locations. They’re made up of belts and rollers that work automatically, eliminating the need for a person to push items around.

What Are They Used For?

Belt conveyors move everything from heavy bulk items to loose materials around warehouses, factories or anywhere that’s always receiving, packing, and sending items. This is done without damaging the items or letting them sit idle for too long.

What Are The Benefits of Belt Conveyors?

Belt conveyors can be used more diversely than other conveyors. A well-designed belt conveyor can cover a variety of moving needs, regardless of size or weight. This saves the time and hassle of moving things manually.

Custom Belt Conveyor Designs
Types of Custom Belt Conveyors

Types of Belt Conveyor Systems

There are multiple types of belt conveyors depending on what needs transported and where it’s going, including:

  • Troughed belt conveyors (for loose materials)
  • Heavy duty belt conveyors (for large objects)
  • Incline belt conveyors (for moving between levels)

Troughed Belt Conveyors

Troughed belt conveyors are built to move loose materials, such as dirt, small produce, or liquids. The curved shape prevents these items from falling off the conveyor, saving inventory and preventing lost time and money.

Heavy Duty Conveyors

Heavy duty belt conveyors are made for objects that are of significant weight, including both rough and finished materials. These systems are durable and are the perfect solution for any heavy-duty material handling needs.

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